Supporting Our Mission


Over the past week, our phones have been out due to our provider's system being compromised.

We are working now with a new phone vendor.  The first step of this transition will be to establish a temporary phone number until all of our phone numbers are moved with the new vendor.

They have provided us with the following temporary numbers for us to use for the next few days.

School:  786-406-1332
Church:  786-406-1333

As we move forward with this new process, we will notify you when our system is back to normal.
We are sorry for this disruption and thank you for your patience.

We Appreciate Your Support!

As a private Catholic institution, St. Rose of Lima Catholic School is dependent on the generosity of those parents, grandparents, faculty and friends that support their school through gifts of time, treasure and prayer.

Our goal is to enhance the school’s financial resources through communication, special events, grants and funding campaigns. We work to involve as many members of the community as possible in activities to build our community of friends and supporters.

SRL is blessed with a faculty, students and families who contribute to the school’s success through donations of time, talent and treasure. To all who give so generously, we say a very heartfelt thank you. Your participation does make a difference and we appreciate your commitment to St. Rose.


It is critically important for Catholics to send a strong message before Congress moves forward to impose taxpayer-funded abortion. Congress needs to hear from a massive number of people. The primary goal is for millions of Catholics to sign the petition here.


St. Rose of Lima Catholic School is united in the Holy Eucharist to serve God and each other with humility and love.

We embrace cultural diversity with a passionate commitment to our Catholic faith, family and academic excellence so all students may reach their God-given potential.

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